I am Andrew Adcock, a web developer based in Columbia, Maryland. I’ve been passionate about development for the past 10 years and use this blog as a place to share some of the fun things I have learned over the years. The longer articles have been created as supplements to conference talks, and the others are just small thoughts and snippets that I wanted to remember. If you have any topics you’d like discussed, please contact me.

Currently, I work with React and Node-based applications but I have experience in PHP and Python. In previous roles, I’ve worked briefly with Laravel and Symfony, and have multiple years of experience with Drupal 7/8 and WordPress. As a full-stack developer, I am also comfortable with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Serverless, Docker, Vagrant, Linux (Debian, mostly), Nginx/Apache server, and MySQL. I’m, also, a big fan of SASS/SCSS and tools like Webpack, Git, NPM/Yarn, Composer, and other packages.